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What is Video Gait Analysis?

High-speed digital equipment is used to record recurrent movement patterns that take place during walking, and running.

Most individuals are unaware of their own particular patterns of movement and are often very surprised when they see a recording of themselves in motion. Few individuals move as they imagine themselves to.

Normal and Faulty Movement Patterns: In normal movement specific muscles are recruited in a finely co-ordinated sequence. If incorrect muscles are recruited or are incorrectly activated faulty movement patterns develop, alignment of joints alter, pain and/or injury can develop and performance may be markedly reduced.

How does it work?

A Physiotherapist uses video equipment to record your movement patterns. This is played back to you through a computer. As you are watching, the Physiotherapist will replay and capture the frames that highlight areas of poor alignment or faulty technique patterns. They will explain exactly what you are looking at, what is happening and why. You will gain new insights into how you move and recruit your muscles.

What happens next? We will provide you with the solution to resolving any problem areas we have identified. We will also provide you with a personalised and progressive exercise rehabilitation plan that will be devised for you to ensure that you achieve and maintain optimal muscle activity and control.

Long Term Benefits

Patterns of movement that may lead to pain and discomfort can almost always be transformed into movement patterns that:

  • ensure joints are correctly aligned
  • can noticeably improve performance
  • can minimise the risk of injury

You can benefit from Video Analysis if you:

  • suffer from persistent pain or discomfort during or after exercise, recurrent injuries or reduced level of performance
  • would like a precise analysis of your own particular movement patterns or running style
  • would like to learn how to use your muscles to their optimal capacity whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of injury
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