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What is Strength and Conditioning?

In essence the goal of strength and conditioning is to enhance both sporting performance and the individuals ability to cope with the physical rigors of daily life. This is achieved by building a stronger more robust physique.

So unlike a skills coach that may teach you how to kick a ball, a strength and conditioning trainer will give you the physical assets to better perform the kick. For example increased flexibility of the hip to increase range of motion, strong thigh muscles to deliver more power during the kick and greater trunk strength and muscle coordination to provide more stability during the kick. Remember that these skills are equally relevant to general everyday health and fitness and are appropriate for everyone.

At the initial phase of your strength and conditioning programme we will cover everything from body fat and blood pressure measurements to movement assessments and strength capabilities. The key here is to identifying where potential weaknesses lie and where improvements can be made. This is also helpful so we can recognise changes and achievements an individual has made.

By employing our unique BALANCE program design system we work with you towards your success. Progress is monitored and regular assessments undertaken so adaptations can be made to the plan on an on-going basis.

The Balance program:

  • Assessing muscular and postural balance
  • Anthropomorphic assessments including, lung function, blood pressure and body composition
  • Starting the education process: we aim to empower people with knowledge; how their body works, what will work best for them and how to find balance
  • Assessing current activity levels and making appropriate changes
  • Finding the most appropriate methods to support individuals and their familiesí activity efforts and in maintaining a nutritionally healthy lifestyle
  • Planning and putting strategies in place to act as a foundation for continued success
  • Assessing progress and results and making adjustments, where appropriate
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