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West End Physiotherapy in partnership with City Chiropody provides Chiropody & Podiatry treatments for minor foot disorders and also general foot care advice.

Podiatry is a Biomechanical in-depth study of pain and discomfort, in this case related to foot function. It looks at joints, muscles and general posture. Podiatry and Chiropody treatment can include treatment for:

  • Hard skin
  • Corns and callus
  • Warts and verrucae
  • Infected and deformed toe nails
  • Diabetic foot problems
  • Ingrowing toe nails
  • Fungal infections
  • Nail surgery under local anaesthetic
  • Footcare and footwear advice
  • Prescription of orthotics, or in-sole foot support
  • Sports injuries

Signs of Biomechanical imbalances in the foot:

  • Your shoes always wear out on one side
  • You have flattened arches or excessively high arches
  • You walk on the outside/inside of your feet/heels
  • You constantly have calluses on various areas of your foot
  • You experience pain, aching or tiredness in your feet or legs with or after walking or standing
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