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What is a Muscle Balance Assessment?

A Muscle Balance Assessment (MBA) is a series of tests and observations that evaluate joint range of motion, strength and flexibility of muscles. A MBA is specifically designed to detect imbalances in posture, gait and joint range of motion that can lead to injury. When a joint is incorrectly aligned, the muscles that normally protect the joints are compromised in their performance and as a result, they weaken. This can lead to overloading and injury to muscles and joints that can cause an individual pain or impair their performance.

A Muscle Balance Assessment can prove to be invaluable if an individual is training for a sporting event like a marathon. It is also useful for an inexperienced athlete to be prescribed with an exercise programme to ensure they are training correctly. Muscle Balance Assessments are also used for work related dysfunction whether your occupation is labour intensive or sedentary.

Why have a Muscle Balance Assessment?

  • It will help identify areas to work on that will improve strength and flexibility, enhance running efficiency and prevent injury
  • The results of this Muscle Balance Assessment will be discussed with you and a programme designed to correct any imbalances detected
  • Our strength and conditioning team will focus your training on injury prevention and be able to monitor your progress along the way
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